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Preparation of the move-out

  • Preliminary meeting:

    • Explanations about the complete move-out procedur

    • Check of the apartment/house – advise concerning the outgoing inspection

  • Cleaning/reparation arrangements:

    • Arrange for cleaning of the residence + curtains & carpets (if applicable)

    • Arrange for maintenance of the garden (if applicable)

Rental contract termination

  • Preparation of the notice letter

  • Contact with the Owner

  • Cancellation of utilities

  • Cancellation of multimedia

  • Returning the provider’s material

  • Cancelation of insurances

  • Inform about last rental payments

  • Attend exit survey and handover of keys

  • Follow up of final calculations (charges, utilities, multimedia)

  • Release of rental deposit/guarantee

Moving arrangements

  • Request quotes for the removal of the household goods

  • Follow up of the removal (attend if necessary)

  • Arrange for temporary apartment or hotel bookings

  • Returning car license plates (if applicable)

Final arrangements

  • Follow up on final invoices

  • Arrange for mail forwarding

  • Closing the bank account

  • Cancellation of legalities – personal assistance:

    • Return of Residence permit

    • Exchange driver’s license

    • Social security