The employer’s perspective


Relocation in Belgium: the employer’s perspective

Relocation is first of all about people and the way they live. The impact of relocation is significant, both on the professional and personal levels.

When things go badly, the expat’s attention and time will be distracted by the seemingly endless complications of renting accommodation and opening bank and utility accounts.

On a daily basis, our services deal with all the details related to immigration, moving, finding a suitable home and settling in. Our assistance eases the workload for your company, the expat and their family. It ensures things are coordinated and run smoothly. People are informed about what will happen and when, freeing up time for everyone – notably your HR department.

To achieve this, we work according to some simple principles:

  • We work with an experienced, friendly and pro-active team - let them be your guide

  • We act as a single point of contact for all questions concerning the relocation and immigration, both for the HR department and the expatriates.

  • We keep all information concerning the relocation and immigration at hand

    We act on behalf of our client (the Company or ex-pat) and offer completely independent advice.